Gambling-Casino SEO

For many users, Zynga Poker was their first taste of betting online, and they loved it! Now there is a significant population of users that loves to punt from the comfort of their home. The betting and gambling segment has emerged as a money-spinner for many adult websites. Many businesses have been creating websites to capitalize on this flood of traffic that the online gambling domain is drawing these days, but not many succeed. The reason for this is simple! There are only a few that have the deep pockets to survive the ups and downs of the segment. Even lesser players have the traffic needed to maintain high cash flow. There is an additional challenge that companies in this segment face; search engines do not think much of gambling sites, and it is hard to rank on targeted keywords organically. There are very few specialists in SEO for gambling and casino websites with the ingenuity to help you create a thriving online business. The good news is that you have come to the correct place, as we are one of the few players that have succeeded in this field!

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The nuances of SEO for gambling websites

The online gambling category includes a wide variety of sites such as betting sites, poker sites, and a lot of niche card games that allow users to bet and win money. This stream is a bit different from the others in the adult SEO niche, as it straddles elements of the mainstream as well as the adult domain. First of all, the website experience should be top-notch, and there can be no compromise on this aspect. A design that stands out from the crowd can pull your website ahead in the race, and thus you would be well advised to devote a bit of time on that. You can take advantage of our adult web design expertise as well to give you an edge. It would help if you had an attractive and easy-to-use interface so that users can gamble easily and make payments painlessly. Otherwise, your bounce rates will increase, and that will not be good for your rankings. Search engines will see this as a sign of a website that is not of much use for the users searching for the targeted keywords, and all your investments will go down the drain. Then, you need a highly optimized website to cover all the bases from the SEO point of view. This process of creating a gambling business will require some time, so patience is a virtue that you need to cultivate.

Gambling sites require a large number of users to become profitable as the presence of more players helps draw in even more users. People like competing, and the more competition you give them, the higher will be their thrill! Punters are also always in search of large payouts, and you will be able to provide them with these only if you can collect the money from the other players. Remember, the house always has to win, then only the house can continue operations! Thus, gambling SEO operates on a whole new level as the traffic requirements are significantly higher than other websites. You also have to target customers who are able and willing to pay online. Another strategy that needs to be employed is the use of strategic PPC campaigns to attract users. You will need the backing of proper research and expertise to manage PPC promotions and to get an appropriate return on your investment of these ad dollars.

Casino SEO

Casinos are dime-a-dozen these days, and more are opening up in different parts of the world, as the governments look at this industry as a source of employment as well as tourism. This trend means that the competition is going up, but so is the demand, as many untapped markets are opening up for casino operators. Gone are the days when you could invest in the physical infrastructure of your casino, and the people would stream into your casinos and spend to their hearts’ extent!

Now, you need to have a sophisticated online presence to get brand visibility in this highly competitive segment. It would be best if you remembered that the public has a surfeit of choice, and you need to come up with different ways of marketing to attract their attention. SEO for Casino websites has its challenges as the focus is on driving user interest, and getting them to bet online can be difficult. You need a recreate a smooth user experience that reminds them of a casino and provides them with fast payouts when they win so that they get hooked. You want them to come back for more, as then you can make a lot of profit out of repeat customers, and they will surely get more people along.

Content and Social Media

While user experience and optimization do play a crucial role, you also need to get your content strategy spot on. As part of our Casino SEO services, we first take a look at what your competitors are doing and combine it with generic keyword research to understand what works. Next, we create exhaustive quality content in the form of blog posts, articles, press releases, etc. We also have a team of graphic designers and skilled video creators that will create infographics and video content for your business that can be promoted all over the multiple video platforms on the net.

Social media can also play a significant role in marketing your services as if you can garner the interest of the millions present on social networks. If you can get your users to talk about their experience on social media, then it is an effective marketing tool, because nothing is as useful as word-of-mouth advertising. We will help you design a strategy and manage your social media handles so that you can engage with your users. We can also help you run competitions and campaigns to keep user interest high.